leveraging b2b expertise

for b2c market success

helping credit-challenged consumers gain access to credit

We initiated aggressive marketing campaigns to reach this under served and untapped market. The CFC Website helps consumers understand their Clarity Credit Report. Content describes how to repair credit, get protection from identify theft and offers Webinars to learn more.

button power

Having credit-challenged consumers subscribe to their real-time credit report for a nominal fee ensured potential service providers and lenders that consumers were authenticated and actively seeking credit-worthy status.

creating a credible consumer advisory service

Clarity For Consumers targets over 60 million non-prime consumers. The Clarity For Consumers Website is a tool that empowers this fast growing consumer segment to pull their own Clarity Credit Report for real-time credit information not captured by traditional bureaus.


marketing consumer credit data services

Clarity Credit Bureau offers a unique view into consumer behavior with robust data services and insightful reports.  An industry leader with highly accurate analysis and predictive modeling for sub-prime credit scoring and evaluation, Clarity became a financial industry data services thought-leader.

Clarity's B2B market expertise and its cutting edge B2C product capabilities eventually led to the $150mm acquisition of Clarity Credit Bureau Services by credit bureau giant Experian in 2017.

keeping content relevant

Our topical focus on consumer finance pocket book issues on the Clarity Website and in social media was essential in establishing a reputation for integrity and expertise in understanding consumer behavior and forecasting significant market trends.

writing fintech white papers with the voice of authority

Consulting with credit market SMEs, we wrote detailed editorial content, ghost-writing as a topical expert for blogs and white papers in fintech journals and consumer publications, establishing Clarity Services as the thought leader in the consumer credit data space.


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