go-to-market brand legend

Our market research identified a key awareness gap among potential customers. After operating in North America for 10 years, growth had slowed, because only existing customers knew what Corporate Express did. The company's lofty slogan, Preparing the World For Business, may have sounded good in the boardroom, but our research showed it simply did not resonate with users or buyers of office supplies.

CE trucks were in every market everyday, delivering office products to customers, but when prospects saw one of the trucks, they thought it was a package delivery service.

Our brand legend ended the confusion with a simple tag line by bringing attention to ordering office supplies for desktop delivery.

Everything for your office.                                         To your office.

We featured the new tag line on everything: Website, catalogs, ads, direct mail, cartons, and trucks — especially the trucks. This made the point that CE delivered right to the desktop without office workers wasting time going to an office supply store.

In less than 2 years, Staples reacted to this existential threat and acquired Corporate Express for over $1 billion.

taking brand messaging to the streets

Tight margins in the office products sector meant a small media budget, so we drove CE brand awareness by leveraging vendor coop advertising funds for unique truck graphics that advertised individual office product brands across the entire Corporate Express 1,200 truck fleet.


Both sides of every CE delivery truck featured different products in large format graphic wrap, underscored with the Desktop Delivery value story. Product visuals were constantly rotated and fresh. This not only raised awareness but also drove the CE brand legend.

robust e-commerce platform:

desktop orders, desktop delivery

In addition to a dedicated segment sales force, 480 page catalog and direct mail sales, the Corporate Express Website, e-way, was just one more option for all customers to order product for overnight or same day direct-to -desktop delivery. On line sales exceeded $1.4 billion.

message focus: customer value

Our brand legend carried the story of responsive customer service through on-line ordering and overnight desktop delivery. We featured the reliable CE driver as the key agent to bring convenience and efficiency when ordering office supplies.

on target sales collateral

We made sales tools more relevant and effective by interviewing key accounts, sales reps and SMEs. We wrote in the customer's voice, creating a Vertical Selling System with specific products, processes and certifications for Mid-size & Large Market, Government, Healthcare, and Facility Management customers.

Segment specific messaging featured CE's key brand category differentiator: On-line ordering and next-day desktop delivery of everything for your office, to your office.



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