everything starts with copy.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right words can be worth billions. To be that valuable, the words you use need to be more than content taking up space. Copy has work to do. To get the job done, copy needs some work rules to accomplish Its mission of creating a brand legend.

be consistent to connect.

Copy's first job is to make it easy for the customer to find you and do business with you. You can help your customer find what they really want by using the right Keyword Phrases.  The key to a successful multi-channel marketing campaign is to keep messaging and imagery consistent. Branding is more important that ever in a crowded field. Make it easy for your customer to connect your social media brand messaging with your broadcast campaign and your direct mail with your Web presence in both imagery and phrasing.

When you feature your high-value keywords prominently in all your social media advertising you make it easy for your customers to find you, remember you and buy from you. Your campaigns will work better when your Facebook message is aligned with how people find you in their Google search. It's consistency that makes better connections with your customer.  If someone  encounters your brand on Facebook, make it easy for them to recall that connection later when they do a Google search.  It works both ways. People are more likely to search for those familiar keywords and phrases in Google.

make testing your new bff.

Choosing the right Keyword Phrases that resonate across the market and cause an individual to act is one part creativity and many parts testing.  You have to take chances to succeed. But when you do, you have to test to find out what works best for you. People are more motivated to buy when the force of your idea aligns with their search. You learn what works best with constant testing.

You take a chance when you interrupt someone while they are watching their favorite TV show, so the message has to be well tested to see if it's worth the interruption. Smart marketers wrap their content in an attractive mnemonic package like wry humor, catchy music, iconic characters or visual stunts not only to make the story memorable but to stay on the viewer's good side.

When you place a memorable campaign message prominently in your headline or tagline, people who recall your ad are likely to search for that specific phrase when they’re ready to buy or learn more. So, if your TV ad campaign promotes low calorie beer by repeating the unique tagline, “Less Filling. Tastes Great.”,  don't just rely on stock keyword search phrases like “best light beer”.  Connect your customer to your brand's primary messaging by integrating it into every channel.

Testing will help your customer include you in their buying decision. By including your unique tagline as one of your keyword phrases, It's likely you'll have serious interest from those people who are more likely to follow up on your ad and convert. Geico is a great example of testing new creative approaches all the time to get across the never-changing marketing appeal in their "Geico Easy" campaign theme. The campaign stays on message because it gets tested at every turn.

copy makes creative competitive.

Singing your product's praises may cause you to shout about it. Other times a whisper will carry further. A lot depends on where a person is in the shopping or buying cycle. People that show up at a store or go to a Website knowing what the want to buy may not need much convincing. In that case, a "just the facts" approach or positive reinforcement in your inbound messaging should be enough to get the job done.  But how did they get there? Who put that idea in their head?

It's copy that will bring your brand to life and drive customers to the checkout. From headlines to tag lines and all the keywords in between, I've been stuck on copy since writing my first fortune for Dubble Bubble gum wrappers. Fortunes? As a highly sensitive person, naturally I thought, "Salty Navy vet and four years of college for this?" But that batch of 96 blurbs was due SAME DAY! No time for writer's block or soul searching when a press run of wrappers is holding up the production line. My first real deadline. Gotta love the pressure!

copy delivers.

Even on that tiny gum wrapper with one square inch space limitation, I had to compete for attention. Fleer Funnies was a multi-cultural serial featuring a cherry-cheeked, chubby kid named "PUD", who sported a red and white beanie. In Pud's world, all the kids wore some kind of funny hat. In this episode, our hero tries teaching baseball and English to a new pal whose wearing a tasseled fez. Think about it. Bubble gum for world peace.

Writing copy is fun even when deadlines are the only muse and space is in short supply. Copy's two best friends are original ideas and powerful images. When all three get together, good things are gonna happen because people are going to start thinking.

It's all good. TV advertising for a new ice cream brand; direct mail for affinity credit cards; music video infotainment to roll out janitorial supply products; technical sales sheets for a data mining service; a unique brand legend a new company; social media for consumer finance; and detailed copy for a software Website all have one thing in common: They're all written with equal passion and success.

the last word.

In a fickle marketplace engulfed by celebrity influencers, affiliate marketing, random Tweets and ever-changing algorithms, your words need to be worth more than keystrokes. It's copy that can pry somebody out of their Barcalounger to go buy that Buick Skylark or get them to choose Granny Smith apples over Valencia oranges. Try singing some catchy content next time you're in the shower. There's really no comparison between copy and content. It's copy that moves your strategy forward and makes people choose your brand over another.  If you're looking for more, put your money on copy.

Like any shy person of a retiring nature, I always struggle with self-promotion, and find it easier to write for others than to blow my own horn. Humility notwithstanding, whatever you're selling, I can sell it better. I get to say what you mean.


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Geico is a great example of testing new creative approaches all the time to get across the never-changing marketing appeal in their "Geico Easy" campaign theme. The campaign stays on message because it gets tested at every turn.

Writing copy is fun even when deadlines are the only muse and space is in short supply.