brand licensing initiative

turnkey brand marketing

We created this Brand Licensing Initiative with a full line of IBM brand media consumables, sourced from 10 different manufacturers and sold exclusively through the largest direct distributor in North America, as well as through the largest national office supply retail store.

$180,000  initial branding investment

$120,000 media & marketing spend
$240,000,000  annual gross revenue

$7,200,000 net license share

We determined the scope and specs of the entire product line of imaging and media consumables, including licensed paper products, film, photo print and unique media for retail and direct corporate users.  We sourced all items from mills and converters, designed the packaging, managed production and initiated the national wholesale distribution relationship.

complete project management

Performing as the contract product manager for this turnkey initiative, we developed and sourced the entire 60 SKU product line; designed and produced the packaging; created, produced and placed the B2B and B2C marketing campaign.

adding volume by adding value

Leveraging our expert knowledge of production techniques, digital imaging and printing processes, we developed products ranging from office commodities to value-added special premium SKUs for high volume variable data digital print and consumer photo snaps.


distributor marketing campaign

We leveraged IBM global brand awareness to create and market this $250 million product line. Our "Buy The Numbers" media advertising and direct marketing campaign shamelessly played on the age-old adage,  "Nobody Ever Got Fired for Buying an IBM".


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