Cavacom started in 1986, consulting to ad agencies and advertisers in Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore.  With expertise in strategy, branding and creative from both the agency and client perspective, we helped agencies solve problems and succeed.

Clients were agency CEOs, their boards, and investors — all seeking better performance, productivity, and profitability. Each shop had its own unique internal issues, sacred cows and cultural taboos. Most wanted to improve their internal procedures or upgrade their creative. A couple wanted guidance with new agency compensation models.

As an outside resource, I had access to management, talent and even clients. Most agencies just wanted to resolve a specific issue. For others, the process was more about culture than details. Some saw my time in their shop as a paid audition for a more permanent role. After a couple of years, I found that being a coach or a fixer in someone else's shop was lucrative but simply not as rewarding as actually doing the work.

There was another issue. Those NDA's and non-competes I had signed meant any option of ever developing my own agency was vanishing as I helped other shops. So when one agency's banking client called directly to offer me their suddenly fast growing account, I politely turned him down and made the agency's president aware.

timing matters.

When a former client joined American Express and reached out with a strategic writing assignment, I chose not to renew the agency consulting contracts as they expired.

Soon after, Alco Standard called with a new branding project. Then International Paper asked for help on a PR crisis. Next came Campbell's, wanting to unload their pet food business. Then Choice Seating with TV and print. Kinko's needed merchandising  for their 900 stores. We helped clients like Unisource, IBM, xpedx and Corporate Express prosper. We grew.

My own role became more about people management than creative work. So after 25 years of managing process and personalities, it was time to downsize the agency and shift my focus to solo consulting on strategy, branding and creative.

A group of investors I had helped with their consumer finance data mining company hired me as a consultant to develop a business plan for TMM, Inc., a video software company in Vancouver.

I became embedded as CEO and identified key markets; directed development of new technology and branded our new products. What began as a one-year gig turned into six years. Eventually, I had to find new investors with enough resources to bring the company to market — hiring a new board, including my own replacement.

Now I'm ready to help your business prosper with strategy that works, brands that people want, and creative that matters. Now is a great time to start the conversation.



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