global branding strategy

creating one global brand from 30+ regional companies

We consolidated over 30 regional merchants, operating in local markets under separate legacy names into one powerful brand, Unisource, transforming the new company into a diversified distributor, focused on core customer solutions in packaging, printing and  facility maintenance across North America.

e pluribus unisource

creating a brand legend:

global leadership + local commitment

segment specific solutions

solutions begin by understanding the customer

supply systems:  the best customer solution

a million tons of quality and value in a one-two combination

including a single $1 billion SKU

the best option: customer choice

multiple choice - maximum value

introducing a new brand and a new channel

a new channel strategy

a new identity, new packaging

We revived this aging $12 million regional brand, launching with a new identity, new products, packaging, merchandising, media campaign and direct marketing support to drive a national redistribution strategy.

Within 2 years, the Sphinx brand evolved into a $220 million national office supply retail program on an annual marketing budget of less than $1 million.

Direct to consumer catalogs featured product selection and customer service, making the program the hero to support retailers.

We created a unique Sphinx brand legend by telling more about the value of the program to sell more product through the retail channel.

cross selling 101: customer choice

cross selling 201: expanding share

share builder: free goods promo

a new approach for new digital products

high performance product demo

We raised customer expectations of product reliability and quality by telling two great stories in a series of direct response printed product sample demos: A bold sports performance theme for printers, another based on aesthetics for designers.

b2c direct marketing catalog

for small business desktop publishing

We created the ON PAPER direct marketing catalog, including branding, design and production of over 80 products for this Unisource B2B + B2C initiative. Products included desktop design software, custom pre-printed  stationery systems and accessories for small business sold at retail and through direct response.

a new vertical market. new brands.

new customer solutions.

 equipment, supplies & service

for a total customer solution

We transformed the AllStar brand with a new strategy, a new image and new packaging and turned this $14 million regional wholesale janitorial supply program into a national marketing initiative. We vetted and selected new vendors capable of supporting the expanded marketing effort and introduced it with a broader and deeper offering of products, equipment and solutions with $310 million in revenue. 

AllStar became a new entry point into multiple new market segments, creating more selling opportunity in food processing, food service, government, healthcare, institutional, manufacturing, and retail.

value proposition:

perfomance and availability

We developed the SelectSource brand as a proprietary line of value added  towels, tissues, tapes and can liners to supplement the AllStar brand of facility maintenance supplies and equipment. Automatic re-stocking  extended the Unisource value story of One source. Many solutions. First year revenue exceeded $100 million.

product trial to build brand awareness and share


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