fast and fabulous.

simply different.

Perpetual change is the one constant in the technology space. Software companies rely on continuing innovation to stay relevant but struggle with differentiation to sustain their competitive success.

Rebuilding the Vivat brand legend came without changing the company name. We made the brand the story by focusing on the new look and feel. The blue gray original hinted at global ambition, but told a story few people connected with or understood .




We gave Vivat a simpler look, a snappy new color scheme that didn't evoke old style soviet era industrialism and more in keeping with the fast-paced work style of this forward thinking SaaS developer.  impatient ideas made speed to market the key to the new Vivat brand legend.



skill. smarts. speed.

Our Unique Selling Proposition emphasized rapid and efficient  implementation. Vivat's business model relied on agile development — with complimentary teams in North America and Eastern Europe — guaranteeing clients a first-to-market approach with Service Oriented Architecture.

process makes perfect.

We created a series of service ads and direct mail program, written for C-Level executives, promoting the practical business reasons to choose Vivat's agile "get it right the first time" approach to enterprise software development over cheaper, less able competitors.

an urgent call for compliance.

Each industry segment responded to high-profile topical messaging that featured the importance of communication, regulatory compliance and efficient process readiness to stay competitive.

proof in performance

We developed a series of technical product specific case history reports and sales sheets, written for senior IT managers, validating Vivat's speed-to-market business proposition as the reason to choose Vivat over cheaper, but less reliable competitors.



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